HALO Laser

HALO Laser

HALO Laser is an industry-leading skin renewal treatment that reveals a luminous glow. Our providers ensure to give each patient a customized solution based on their unique concerns. The procedure uses an advanced device that can be personalized for skin conditions such as sunspots, wrinkles, and lackluster skin. As the years go by, your skin may start to get vibrancy reduction resulting in a dull complexion. This procedure rejuvenates your skin and reverts the years of cumulative skin flaws that appear on your skin.

The advantages of this treatment include:

· Noninvasive treatment 
· Minimal downtime 
· Minimal to no side effects 
· Visible results within weeks 
· Long-lasting results 
· Customizable settings for optimal results 

The Treatment

HALO Laser is the first hybrid fractional skin resurfacing laser that uses advanced methods to enhance the skin's surface and dermis layers. The temperature settings and laser energy stimulate collagen production in the skin to reveal softer, brighter skin. The versatility of this device lets us improve the skin's tone, texture, and tightening with only one session. The hybrid fractional laser consists of several levels of ablation, including microns of ablation for microscopic epidermal necrotic debris release with minimal recovery and microns for epidermis wound healing. The dynamic thermal optimization monitors the skin temperatures throughout the treatment. The smart device can adjust its pulse width and beam density to ensure that the laser is tailored to your condition. HALO is exclusive compared to other lasers because it provides a dynamic treatment that treats the skin's surface layers, including the dermis layers, for optimal results. It uses a dual laser to penetrate each layer of the skin to improve your complexion.


HALO Laser treats the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, and scarring. 

You’ll get initial results between three and five days after your treatment. Your skin will continue to improve gradually. 

The results last 5-7 years. 

Yes. The symptoms are minimal and include redness, swelling, and tenderness. 

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